Advancing the Apostolate


Dear Visitor:

The St. Jerome Biblical Guild doesn’t engage in fund-raising appeals — this apostolate is a single-man operation that sustains itself. However, there are two ways to offer support. First, by keeping the Guild in your prayers. Second, by contributing books to the Director’s library. Books enable research for the writing projects and the speaking engagements.

It’s an easy process: send an e-mail message to with the subject line “Book for SJBG.” Indicate the amount you want to spend on a book purchase; an amount left entirely to you. You will receive a reply with a specific book or set that is needed, with the accompanying purchase info. This is a transparent procedure — the purchaser knows exactly what will soon sit on the shelves.

Do you have used books you wish to donate, and are willing to cover postage? This is also a great help. Please send an e-mail listing the titles, to insure I don’t already own them.

Thank you for your consideration; and please don’t forget the prayers.

Godspeed,                                                                                                                                           Sal